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17 Best Writing Podcasts (A List of Must-Listen Podcasts for Writers)

In the digital age, where words hold immense power, writing podcasts have emerged as a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration for seasoned writers and novices alike. These audio gems provide a gateway to expert insights and a dynamic platform for learning about the art and craft of writing.

Here is a list of 17 best writing podcasts that can transform your professional life. From honing your narrative prowess to unraveling the nuances of grammar, these podcasts cater to the diverse needs of writers, enveloping them in a world of literary wisdom.

Write Cast

Write Cast

Discover a wealth of writing wisdom through the ‘Writer Cast’ podcast, hosted by Walden University’s Writing Center. Immerse yourself in this resourceful platform, where each episode provides valuable insights into the art of writing.

From engaging interviews with accomplished writers to discussions on diverse writing topics, the podcast caters to writers of all levels and backgrounds. Join the conversation as experts delve into effective writing strategies, time management, research techniques, and more.

Whether you’re an academic, a professional, or an aspiring wordsmith, the ‘Writer Cast podcast offers a treasure trove of practical advice and inspiration to elevate your writing journey and hone your craft.

Revise and Resubmit

Revise and Resubmit

Tune in to Dr. Cameron Brown’s concise yet enriching podcast, where insightful interviews with academic writers across the social sciences unfold in approximately 10 minutes. Joining the conversation are esteemed scholars from esteemed institutions like Penn State, Brigham Young, Kansas State, Texas Tech (cheering for the Red Raiders), and more.

Delve into the world of academic writing as Dr. Brown engages with these experts, uncovering their unique approaches and strategies. Whether you’re a fellow academic writer or a curious learner, the podcast offers a window into their experiences, fostering potential improvements in our work.

With an emphasis on enhancing our collective output, this podcast promises valuable insights to elevate your academic writing endeavors.

The Homework Help Show

The Homework Help Show

Navigate the world of academia with the ‘Homework Help Show’ podcast by Homework Help Global. This podcast is a vital resource for students seeking academic guidance and support.

Delving into various aspects of education, each episode offers insightful discussions, practical tips, and expert advice on subjects ranging from effective study strategies and time management to essay writing techniques and exam preparation. With a commitment to empowering learners, the podcast serves as a companion throughout the educational journey, catering to students seeking to excel in their studies or writing term paper.

Whether you’re grappling with challenging assignments or seeking ways to enhance your learning experience, the ‘Homework Help Show’ provides a valuable toolkit to conquer academic hurdles and achieve success.

Academic Womxn Amplified

Academic Woman Amplified

Unlock the world of academia through the ‘Scholars’ Voice’ podcast, a platform dedicated to fostering insightful discussions and illuminating perspectives. This podcast, mainly designed for ‘women and nonbinary professors, ‘ offers scholarly exploration, where in-depth conversations with prominent academics shed light on diverse subjects and research areas.

Each episode delves into experts’ minds, unveiling their thoughts, findings, and contributions across a broad spectrum of disciplines. With a focus on intellectual curiosity and meaningful dialogues, ‘Scholars’ Voice’ offers a space for thought-provoking conversations that extend beyond the confines of academia, enriching listeners with knowledge and innovative ideas.

Tune in to uncover the stories behind groundbreaking research, bridging the gap between scholarship and the broader world.

The Shit No One Tells You About Writing

The Shit No One Tells You About Writing

Dive into the unfiltered reality of the writing journey with ‘The Shit No One Tells You About Writing’ podcast. Hosted on RedCircle, this candid show breaks down the myths and unveils the truths of the writing process. Delving beyond the romanticized notions, it offers a raw and authentic perspective on the challenges, frustrations, and triumphs writers face.

With honesty and humor, the podcast explores the nuances of creativity, self-doubt, rejection, and success. Whether you’re an aspiring author or a seasoned writer, ‘The Shit No One Tells You About Writing’ provides a refreshingly honest space where you can find camaraderie, advice, and a deeper understanding of the writing journey.

writing class radio

Writing Class Radio

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of storytelling with ‘Writing Class Radio.’ This podcast offers an immersive experience of the art of writing through authentic narratives and expert guidance. Hosted by seasoned writers, the show transports listeners to the heart of writing workshops, where personal stories are interwoven with lessons in crafting compelling prose.

With a focus on vulnerability and growth, ‘Writing Class Radio’ provides a unique platform for writers to learn from real-life experiences, fostering a deep connection between storytelling and personal transformation. Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or a budding writer, this podcast invites you to join a community where stories come to life, igniting your passion for writing and the human experience.

The Resilient Writers Radio Show

The Resilient Writers Radio Show

Empowering writers to overcome challenges and thrive in their creative pursuits, the ‘Resilient Writers Radio Show’ is a beacon of inspiration and guidance. Hosted by a team of experienced writers, this show offers a supportive platform for writers to navigate obstacles, conquer self-doubt, and cultivate resilience.

Through engaging discussions, expert interviews, and practical advice, the show delves into various facets of the writing journey, from conquering writer’s block to honing storytelling skills. ‘Resilient Writers’ fosters a community of like-minded individuals, offering strategies to overcome setbacks, embrace the writing process, and emerge as stronger, more resilient creators.

Tune in for a dose of motivation and strategies to propel your writing journey forward.

Publishing Power

Publishing Power

Empowering aspiring authors with the knowledge and tools to navigate the intricate publishing world, ‘Publishing Power’ stands as a guiding light for literary dreams. With a mission to demystify the publishing process, this platform offers a wealth of resources, courses, and expert insights.

Through personalized guidance and a commitment to fostering author success, ‘Publishing Power’ equips writers with the skills to navigate every stage of their publishing journey. Whether traditional or self-publishing, this platform is dedicated to helping authors unleash their creative potential and achieve their literary aspirations. This one is beneficial for dissertation writers.

Chloe Made Me Study

Chloe Made Me Study

Empower your educational journey with the ‘Chloe Made Me Study’ podcast, tailor-made for non-traditional students seeking academic advancement. Geared towards mature students, distance learners, and workplace scholars, this podcast is your compass for effective studying while pursuing degrees or professional qualifications.

Hosted by Chloe Burroughs, an adept study skills expert and author of ‘The Return to Study Handbook,’ this podcast equips you with strategies to elevate your academic confidence, optimize productivity, and achieve your desired grades. Chloe’s relatable approach stems from her experiences juggling studies with work and life commitments.

The podcast fosters skills by utilizing step-by-step techniques for time management, motivation enhancement, note-taking, essay writing, and more. It imparts wisdom through solo shows, student conversations, and expert interviews. ‘Chloe Made Me Study’ is your compass towards realizing your educational aspirations and propelling your career forward, eradicating the need for a thesis generator.

Academic Writing

Academic Writing

Elevate your academic writing skills on the go with the “Academic Writing Podcast.” Whether you’re inseparable from your MP3 player, devoted to your cellphone, or enchanted by your iPad, this innovative project brings you short, instructive audio recordings to enhance your writing prowess. Tune in to engaging radio shows where phrases vital to crafting academic articles are dissected and explained.

The podcast goes beyond vocabulary introduction, encouraging active practice. Replay tracks, absorb language nuances, and mirror the announcers’ voices to internalize the material. With accompanying PDF files containing model phrases, examples, and sample texts, the learning experience is comprehensive.

Anticipating consistent growth, the podcast invites interaction and feedback via comments, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Immerse yourself in the auditory realm of academic writing enhancement and let your words flourish.

Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach

Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach

Get going on a transformative writing journey with the ‘Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach’ podcast, designed to propel you towards your writing goals. Ann Kroeker is your guide in this inspiring podcast, dedicated to cultivating curiosity, creativity, and productivity within your writing endeavors.

With a focus on practicality and motivation, these episodes cater to writers of all levels. In brief yet impactful segments, Ann delivers a treasure trove of insights, from self-editing techniques to effective goal-setting strategies.

Whether wrestling with administrative hurdles or scheduling dilemmas, this podcast offers succinct solutions. By subscribing to this podcast, you can consistently access efficient and uplifting guidance for your writing journey, nurturing your skills and fostering a fulfilling writing life.



Embark on an intellectual exploration of rhetoric and communication with ‘Rhetoricity,’ a thought-provoking podcast that delves into the intricacies of language and discourse. Hosted by Eric Detweiler, each episode navigates the diverse landscape of rhetoric, shedding light on its role in our daily lives.

From conversations about academic research to discussions with scholars and practitioners, ‘Rhetoricity’ examines how rhetoric shapes our understanding of the world. With a focus on its intersection with various fields, the podcast encourages listeners to analyze communication patterns and techniques critically.

By hosting compelling interviews and fostering a deeper appreciation for the art of rhetoric, ‘Rhetoricity’ contributes to a greater understanding of language’s power and influence. It is also a very informative academic writing podcast.

Writer's Routine

Writer’s Routine

Step into the creative minds of the literary world with ‘Writer’s Routine,’ an illuminating arts and culture podcast tailored for writers. Hosted by Dan Simpson, this podcast offers an exclusive window into the lives of some of the globe’s most accomplished authors, uncovering their unique work methods.

In each episode, Simpson engages in candid conversations with writers, giving listeners a glimpse into their daily routines and practices. The podcast showcases various writing environments, from early risers to night owls, from solitary retreats to bustling cityscapes.

Recognized for its excellence, ‘Writer’s Routine’ secured the Silver prize in the Best Culture category at the British Podcast Awards and stands as a celebrated resource for writers seeking inspiration, practical tips, and a deeper understanding of the creative process. You will find it effective among other podcasts on writing.

Write Now With Sarah Werne

Write Now

Unlock the secrets of literary productivity and creativity through ‘Writer’s Routine,’ a podcast hosted by Sarah Werner. Navigating the intricate world of authors’ routines, this podcast offers an intimate glimpse into renowned writers’ daily habits and strategies.

With insightful interviews featuring a broad spectrum of voices, from bestsellers to emerging talents, ‘Writer’s Routine’ delves into the processes that fuel the craft of writing. Sarah Werner skillfully dissects the routines, rituals, and approaches that shape their work.

Whether discussing pre-writing rituals, ideal environments, or time management techniques, the podcast is invaluable for writers seeking inspiration and practical advice. Please tune in to this podcast to unravel authors’ diverse methods to bring their literary visions to life. It is one of the must-listen podcasts about writing.

Writers on Writing

Writers on Writing

Dive into the rich tapestry of literary creation with ‘Writers on Writing,’ a podcast that has been a beacon for author interviews since 1998. From emerging talents to Pulitzer Prize laureates, the show delves into various genres — novels, short stories, memoirs, poetry, and more — while engaging in discussions with agents and publishers.

Unlike conventional book-centric shows, the podcast illuminates the artistic, technical, and business facets of writing. It provides a platform for writers to dissect the myriad decisions and nuances that culminate in a manuscript. With over 1,500 celebrated authors, including Elizabeth Strout, S.A. Cosby, and George Saunders, the podcast offers a personal MFA experience, enriching listeners with insights from literary luminaries.

In addition, their Patreon page serves as a hub for connecting with listeners and sharing invaluable writing tips, fostering an inspiring community of wordsmiths. It is one of the best podcasts for writers.

English and Writing Tips

English and Writing Tips

Discover a wealth of linguistic wisdom through this best podcast for writers. This captivating audio journey is a haven for language enthusiasts seeking English and writing tips. Hosted on Podbean, the podcast offers invaluable insights into crafting compelling sentences, refining grammar, and perfecting punctuation.

It goes beyond mechanics, delving into the art of storytelling, guiding listeners through effective narrative techniques, and fostering a deeper understanding of communication. This podcast equips individuals with versatile writing skills, from essays to articles, emails to reports.

With its user-friendly platform and diverse content, this podcast is an essential companion for those navigating the intricacies of language, offering a valuable toolbox of knowledge to elevate writing prowess.

Writing Tricks (for Cambridge, Trinity and Aptis exams)

Writing Tricks (for Cambridge, Trinity, and Aptis exams)

“Writing Tricks” is an indispensable virtual guide for refining writing skills, narrated by an accomplished English teacher. The writing podcast focuses on the intricacies of constructing impactful sentences, mastering punctuation, and crafting coherent paragraphs, catering to various writing formats such as essays, articles, reviews, letters, emails, reports, and engaging stories.

Notably, it extends its scope to encompass success in Cambridge, Trinity, and APTIS exams, along with insights from the teacher’s experiences in photography, writing, and podcasting. The podcast’s unique perspective asserts that compelling storytelling has the potential to reshape reality, infusing each lesson with a holistic approach to perception and expression.

What else to do to improve writing skills?

Improving writing skills is an ongoing journey that involves a combination of practice, learning, and exploration. While podcasts can be a valuable resource, there are several other strategies you can employ to enhance your writing abilities:

Read Widely and Actively:

Read a variety of genres and styles to expose yourself to diverse writing techniques and voices.

Analyze what you read critically, paying attention to sentence structure, vocabulary, and narrative techniques.

Write Regularly:

Set aside dedicated time each day or week for writing practice.

Experiment with different genres, tones, and styles to expand your versatility.

Receive Feedback:

Share your work with peers, writing groups, or online communities to gain constructive criticism.

Embrace feedback as an opportunity for growth and refinement.

Edit and Revise:

Editing is a crucial aspect of writing; revise your work for clarity, coherence, and grammar.

Take breaks between writing and revising sessions to gain a fresh perspective.

Grammar and Style Guides:

Consult reputable grammar and style guides to refine your understanding of language conventions.

Strive for clarity, conciseness, and proper punctuation.

Expand Vocabulary:

Regularly learn new words and phrases to enhance your language use.

Utilize a thesaurus to find synonyms and avoid repetition.

Writing Prompts and Exercises:

Engage in writing prompts and exercises to challenge creativity and explore new ideas.

Learn from Masters:

Study the works of established writers to observe their techniques and storytelling methods.

Analyze their use of dialogue, character development, and plot construction.

Take Writing Workshops or Courses:

Enroll in writing workshops or online courses to receive structured guidance and expert instruction.

Participate in writing challenges to push your boundaries and meet deadlines.


Maintain a personal journal to practice daily writing, reflect on experiences, and experiment with different writing styles.

Stay Inquisitive:

Cultivate curiosity about the world around you; research and explore topics that intrigue you.

Incorporate your findings into your writing to add depth and authenticity.

Practice Mindful Reading and Listening:

Pay attention to how language is used in everyday conversations, books, movies, and even advertisements.

Notice language nuances, idiomatic expressions, and storytelling techniques.


In a world where words hold immeasurable power, podcasts have emerged as a dynamic platform for fostering growth and excellence in writing. Whether delving into the intricacies of grammar, exploring the trials and triumphs of the writing process, or unraveling the art of storytelling, these podcasts create a symphony of knowledge and inspiration.

With hosts ranging from seasoned authors to writing coaches and experts, listeners gain access to diverse voices and perspectives, enhancing their writing skills, understanding of rhetoric, and creative prowess.

As the spoken word intertwines with the written, these podcasts illuminate the path to becoming skilled wordsmiths, inviting us to embrace curiosity, dedication, and the transformative potential of the written language.

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