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Entertaining Topics for Speech: Make Your Audience Laugh

If you want people to listen to what you are saying, your speech topics should have a mix of humor, wit, and creativity. Humor plays an important role in speeches, it can transform a simple conversation into an unforgettable experience. Humor is an essential ingredient to keep your audience in the loop, remember an audience that laughs is an audience who is engaged.  

If you choose the right entertaining topic for a speech, you can easily connect with your audience. Moreover, an entertaining topic will evoke laughter and curiosity among your audience. But what are entertaining topics for speech and how can you select one? Let’s explore some topics that will surely leave your audience wanting more.

What is an Entertaining Speech?

Before we delve into the various topics for an entertaining speech, it is important to understand what these are. Entertaining speech topics are designed to keep an audience engaged, entertained, and amused. It involves the use or addition of storytelling, anecdotes, and humor. Such speeches create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for the audience, in which they not only enjoy themselves but also learn something new. 

Topics for an entertainment speech can vary widely but usually revolve around common experiences, observations, and absurdities of life. 

Tips for Choosing an Entertaining Speech Topic

When choosing speech topics to entertain your audience, you need to keep your audience in mind, think about what interests them, and think of the occasion on which the speech will be delivered. Moreover, it is also important to keep your style in mind, as a speech will be entertaining only if you can pull it off.  Here are some tips to help you choose the right entertaining speech topic:

  • Before selecting your topic, it is important to understand your audience. Consider their interests, expectations, and preferences. Choose a topic that aligns with your audience’s interests so your speech can have the maximum impact. For example: if your audience is students, it is important that you add stories from the lives of students, telling them stories of professional life and workplaces won’t have the effect you want. 
  • It is essential to choose a topic that is relevant and current. Talking of matters that are no longer relevant is not going to help. 
  • Consider choosing a topic that will let you showcase your personality and style, rather than choosing one that will leave you not knowing what to say. 
  • Don’t choose a boring topic, choose one that is humorous and lighthearted. 
  • Ensure that the topic is relatable for your audience and that the experiences included in your speech are common and relatable. 
  • Add personal stories and anecdotes for a personal touch. 

List of Entertainment Speech Topics

Now that we know what entertaining speech topics are and how to choose them, let’s have a look at some examples of entertaining speech topics

Here is an entertainment speech topics list for you covering different types of speeches.

Best Entertaining Speech Topics

  1. Cooking Adventures and Kitchen Disasters
  2. Stories from the Supermarket
  3. Inside the Mind of a Procrastinator
  4. Awkward Dance Moves for Every Party
  5. Strange Habits of Your Pet
  6. Cats: The Rulers of the Universe
  7. Survive a Zombie Apocalypse with Everyday Items
  8. The History and Evolution of Dance Styles
  9. Strange Superstitions Around the Globe
  10. Surprising Facts About Everyday Objects

Entertaining Informative Speech Topics

  1. Strange Food Combos That Work
  2. Unusual Phobias
  3. Reasons Why One Should Not Rely Entirely on Autocorrect
  4. Steps to Make the Best Pancake
  5. Falling Out of Love in 600 Steps
  6. How to Lie Efficiently?
  7. Exploring The Mysteries Behind Sleep Talking
  8. Eating Competitions and its Quirks
  9. Unusual Records in the Guinness Book of World Records
  10. The Worst Pick-Up Lines Ever

Entertaining Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Why Cats are Better than Dogs?
  2. Why Adults Should Play More Video Games?
  3. Why Should You Stop Doing Your Homework?
  4. Why is it Better to be an Only Child?
  5. Why Breakfasts for Dinner Should be a Weekly Tradition?
  6. Why Should Pajama Parties Be the New Formal Events?
  7. Vegetables have Feelings too: Why Should we not Eat Vegetables?
  8. The Case of Staying Single
  9. Why Books are Better than Movies?
  10. The Case of Binge-Watching TV Shows

Entertaining Speech Topic Ideas for Workplace

  1. Why do Printers Break Down at the Worst Time Ever?
  2. How to Survive Monday Mornings?
  3. Coffee Breaks: The Real Productive Boosters
  4. How to Pretend You are Listening in Meetings?
  5. The Perils of Over-using Reply-all
  6. The Unspoken Competition of Office Decoration
  7. Desk Plant: The Best Coworker
  8. Understanding Corporate Acronyms
  9. Coffee Break Chronicles
  10. The Art of Procrastination

Topics for Entertainment Speech – Pet Antics

  1. Why do Cats think they Own The place?
  2. Cats Masterplan to Take Over the House
  3. Dogs and Their Love for Tennis Balls
  4. Strange Eating Habits of Pets
  5. Pets and Their Love for Destroying Toys
  6. Why Dogs Love Rolling in Mud
  7. Training the Pets: A Battle
  8. The Struggle of Bathing Your Pet
  9. Why do Birds Love to Steal Snacks?
  10. The Joy of Teaching Parrots New tricks

Life Absurdities: The Best Entertainment Speech Topics

  1. Confusing Road Signs and Their Meanings
  2. Weather Apps and their Unpredictability
  3. The Strange Turns Sometimes Taken by Google Searches
  4. How Instagram Knows Exactly How we are feeling
  5. The Struggle of Remembering Passwords
  6. Twitter Battles: People Taking Arguments Too Far
  7. Meme Game: How Memes Affect Our Sense of Humor
  8. Silent Library Rule and the Confusion Around it
  9. Unfriending and Unfollowing: The Drama
  10.  The Hilarious Struggle of Finding Your Car Keys

Entertainment Speech Topic Examples for High School Students

  1. Waking Up Early for School: A Struggle
  2. The Drama of High School Drama Club
  3. Things you Find in the Locker Rooms
  4. Detention Stories: Why they are More Fun than You Think?
  5. Funny Stories from the School Bus
  6. The Mysteries of Lost and Found Box
  7. The Humor in Highschool Yearbook Quotes
  8. Understanding the Language of Emojis
  9. The Adventures of School Cafeteria
  10. How to Survive in a Group Project?

Impromptu  Entertainment Speech Topics Examples

  1. The Accidental Recipe I Created in the Kitchen
  2. The Time I Mistook Someone for Someone Else
  3. The Funniest Moments I Had at a Public Transport
  4. The Weirdest Item I Found at the Thrift Store
  5. The Funniest Slip of Tongues
  6. Epic Kitchen Fails
  7. Why Women Treat Their Faces Like a Coloring Book?
  8. Why am I Still Single?
  9. Injuring Yourself in the Weirdest Ways Possible
  10.  Biggest Fashion Fails of the Year

Topics for Speech to Entertain Guests at a Wedding

  1. Behind the Wedding Photos: Funny Stories from the Photographer’s Lens
  2. Wedding Gifts: The Struggle of Choosing the Perfect Present
  3. Kids at a Wedding Reception
  4. The Funny Road to the Altar: From Engagement to I Do
  5. From The First Date to the Wedding Day: The Couple’s Journey
  6. The Most Unexpected Guest Reactions
  7. Trial and Tribulations Behind Finding the Perfect Dress
  8. The Most Awkward Wedding Moment
  9. Wedding Games Gone Too Far
  10. The Comedy Behind Hunting for the Perfect Location

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What makes an entertaining speech?

An entertaining speech has an intelligent combination of wit, humor, and storytelling.

How can we add a touch of humor to our speech?

Stories, observations, or common experiences to add a touch of humor to your speech. 

Are there any tips for choosing the right entertaining speech topic?

Yes, to choose an entertaining speech topic you need first to understand the interests and preferences of your audience. Moreover, be sure to select topics that resonate with your audience and your style as well.


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