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Research Paper Topics

The Ultimate List of Research Paper Topics for 2021

Education is one of the primary needs of life, but there is no concept of education without research. Generally, students are taught about research from the college level. They get ready to write and publish their academic research papers when they reach universities.

However, most undergraduate as well as graduate-level students feel extremely stressed and anxious during research paper topics selection. Despite learning about what research is many students fail to choose a research paper topic that fits their interest and writing style. It is essential for students to keep their interests in mind when choosing a research topic.

In this article, we have shared an extensive list of topics for research papers. The following list is suitable for college and university-level students because it can serve as the starting point for their topic selection process.

How to Select the Best Research Paper Topic?

Good research paper topics don’t grow on trees which can be a nightmare for students who feel lost and helpless. Generally, they have to write about an innovative topic with a new approach, and most universities have it mandatory for their degree completion. So, students have to be vigilant in choosing the right research topic.

  • Students should follow the tips mentioned in the following list to find out a suitable research topic for their project:
  • Students should find out their field of interest as well as choose a topic from that field.
    They should start by developing a research question.
  • Once the research questions are decided, they can move on to compose a suitable research topic.
  • Once the topic is finalized, they should write a thesis statement.

These are some general tips that students can follow during the topic generation process.

List of the Best Research Paper Topics for 2021

Choosing the right research paper topic is like completing the most difficult part of the research. We have shared an extensive Qualitative and quantitative research topics list for college as well as university students below according to different fields:

Business (Economics, Finance, and Marketing)

  • Role of Businesswomen in the Business World
  • Global Business Etiquette in the Last Few Decades
  • What are the smart practices to improve employee motivation?
  • Effective Practices for Managing Conflict in a Team
  • Can culture affect business practices?
  • What are the causes of the low employee retention rate?
  • How is the Islamic banking system different from interest?
  • Why are stock markets becoming more and more popular?
  • How does finding gold as well as diamonds affect the economy
  • Networking between business and companies.

Criminal Law and Justice

  • What is the relationship between police as well as people of different ethnicities?
  • The Reliability of the Testimony of an Eyewitness.
  • How to improve family law to align with the modern world.
  • Addressing Gender Disparity in the Criminal Justice System.
  • Ethical as well as Legal Problems in International Intervention.
  • What are the fundamental flaws of the legal system in the USA?
  • What is the impact of solitary confinement?
  • How to change abortion laws?
  • How to prevent international drug trafficking?
  • Should capital punishment be illegal?


  • Prevention of Bullying at Academic Institutions.
  • Benefits of Taking a Gap Year after High School.
  • How to stop students from cheating in exams?
  • Should visual aids be included in classrooms?
  • The US Education System and Class Difference.
  • Educating Students about Plagiarism.
  • Is student-centered learning effective?
  • Learning Methods for Blind Children.
  • How technology affects lesson planning?
  • Effective Ways to Avoid taking Student Loans.

Medical Industry (Dentistry, Nursing, Psychology)

  • What are the causes of increasing cancer cases?
  • Dealing with PCOS through Natural Remedies.
  • Does ageism impact mental health?
  • Terrorism and Mental Health.
  • A Chronological Study of Epidemics as well as Pandemics.
  • Should marijuana be legalized for medical purposes?
  • Effects of Urban Population on Respiratory Diseases.
  • Government Investment in Healthcare System.
  • Benefits of Acupuncture.
  • Can music therapy foster lactation?

Social Issues

  • Effective Solutions for Solving Immigration Crises Worldwide.
  • How to fight racism at the workplace?
  • Educating the Anti-Vaccine Communities.
  • Digital Currencies: Good or Bad?
  • Should media censorship be allowed?
  • Abortion is a choice and should be legalized.
  • Effective Methods to Prevent Sex Trafficking.
  • Global Warming: Is it stoppable?
  • When will minorities get their rights?
  • How to deal with workplace harassment?

Social Media

  • Social Media: A Blessing or a Curse?
  • Children Privacy on Online Websites.
  • Effective Ways to Deal with Cyber-Bullying.
  • Is the so-called influencer culture-making children depressed?
  • Can social media make us depressed and lonely?
  • How to get rid of the so-called social media FOMO (fear of missing out)?
  • Is LinkedIn the future of traditional resumes?
  • What do parents need to know about their children’s browser history?
  • Can we teach our children to use social media in a healthy manner?
  • How to identify pedophiles on social media?

Other Research Paper Topics

  • How KPop as well as KDramas have taken over the world?
  • Dealing with Procrastination.
  • Traditional Music vs. Popular Music.
  • Should sports be mandatory for school as well as college children?
  • Educating Children about Ethnicities of the World to Avoid Stereotyping.
  • Can technology cause a gap between generations?
  • What is a suitable punishment for rapists as well as serial killers?
  • Do virtual worlds and video games cause more violence besides making more antisocial people?
  • Should steroids be allowed in sports?
  • Why are the laws of adoption rights for single parents extremely strict?

In A Nutshell

In order to sum it all up, we can say that finding the right research paper topic is a difficult task. However, a little help from a teacher, a friend, or our extensive list of research paper topics can help in the dark days of topic selection. So, go through our list and find a topic that aligns with your field and writing style. Moreover, you can easily make modifications or use the topic as it is to score well on your final project.


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