This section of the website explains how we use and process the information that we collect from our users at My Essay Writer.

Information We Collect 

When you visit our website, place your order, register, or log in, we collect the following information:

  • The contact information of the user such as their name, home address, email address, and telephone number.
  • The order details of the customer when they fill the order form along with the payment details when you are about to pay.
  • The information our servers collect about your visit to the website, such as the access time, the type of browser, your operating system, and IP address, etc. 
  • The details of the communication that you have with us. For example, the information you share with us while talking to the customer support team regarding your concerns or feedback.

How We Utilize Your Information 

Enlisted below are the ways in which we use the information collected from you:

  • To get in touch with you, take your feedback and improve the quality of our service. It may include the user experience on-site, quality of customer support, and the order process.
  • To manage the transaction process. Here we would like to clarify that we do not sell, exchange or transfer your data to third parties for any reason. 
  • To send notification emails for new updates, offers on the website, service-related information, and order-related information. We will keep you updated about the order progress through emails, especially when they proceed to the next stage. 

Data Deletion Request 

If you wish to delete the data we collect on the website, you must email us. In that email, you have to state your name, phone number, address, and email that you used to sign up at our website. In addition to this, you have to state the reason as well why you want your data to be deleted. You may also list the specific information that you know our company has retained or processed. 


The users can opt to be notified by the browsers whenever a cookie file is sent. Also, you have the option to turn off the cookies through browser settings. However, after you turn off the cookies, some features or functions on our site won’t be accessible for you. But you can place the order regardless of this.

My Essay Writer uses cookies for statistical purposes, including traffic analysis, demographics, user activity on the site, and so on. With the help of cookies, we research the market trends and enhance the quality of our services. Furthermore, we also cookies to comprehend and remember your preferences for future visits. 

What are Cookies?

Cookies refer to the small files that are used to monitor your visit and saved preferences. These files contain letters and numbers that our servers send, and they get stored on your devices when you visit our website.

Cookies can memorize the preferences of the user when they browse our website. For instance, cookies keep you logged in and save the items you ordered.

When you access our website, you agree to our usage of cookies. Please feel free to disable cookies whenever you like. However, please note that disabling cookies might limit your access to some of our website functionalities. We cannot guarantee that you will get all our functions properly if you have disabled cookie settings.

 Cookies Used On Our Website

We use two types of cookies on our website. One is known as persistent cookies, while the others are called session cookies.

The cookies that save your preferences and are stored between the browsing sessions are called persistent cookies. At the same time, session cookies save the details about the visit of a user temporarily. As soon as you close the tab, session cookies are deleted from your hard drive. Also, the session cookies enhance internet banking security, and they also contribute to the functioning of webmail.

Why We Use Cookies

At My Essay Writer, we use cookies to:

  • Keep you logged in
  • Identify your activities through Google Analytics
  • Offer you 24/7 live chat support

Please note that we also use cookies in the order form. So, if you disable them, you won’t be able to place an order on our site.

Third Parties 

My Essay Writer does not share, sell or transfer your personal data to third parties. However, it does not include the third parties we cooperate with to run our site and provide you with our services. But it is only possible if those third parties also pledge never to disclose the personal data of our users and customers.


Our website might contain some links to the websites of other companies. So, we recommend you research the use of other products or services before following these links. Also, we are not responsible for the content provided by third-party links. All these links have separate privacy policies and terms of use. We try our best to protect you, and you can freely report a problem associated with third-party links if you face any. My Essay Writer will try to resolve your concerns in the best possible manner.

Improvements & Changes

Our top priority is to secure the order process for you, and we continuously strive to make our website better in terms of design, functionality, service, and security. Thus, there is a probability that we may change our policies over time. Therefore, you should keep visiting our site and check our policies from time to time if you are concerned about the use of your personal data. It will help you in keeping track of the latest changes and developments. Also, we want you to use all your protection means to avoid becoming a cybercrime victim.